Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Must get better at this...

blogging thing. I really do want to do this on a regular basis...I just keep thinking I don't have anything good to say or a good way to say it, so I just say nothing.

Have you seen the Knitty winter surprise? I'm in love with Thermal...that's definitely a drop-everything-and-knit-now item for me. I was just about to place a Knit Pick order, so this is perfect timing. I love the colors of the Gloss yarn, and it looks like a really fun knit.

I'm knitting fast and furiously on a baby blanket. Almost finished, which is good considering the baby arrived this past weekend. I'm actually knitting three blankets, one for each of their kids, so there's no sibling rivalry. I really like how they are turning out.

I also finished a cardigan that just needs to be seamed - the LB Autumn Afternoons Cardigan. I fell in love with this when I got the summer LB catalog, but didn't want to buy it. Finally just couldn't resist. I've never knitted anything from their site that's actual apparel, and I was pretty disappointed in the pattern writing, especially for one I had to pay for. Directions are only spelled out for the back, sleeves, and one front. The instructions for the opposite front just say "knit as for right front and reverse shaping." Not too hard to figure out, but shouldn't they spell that out for you? Also found a couple errors in the pattern...should be interesting to see if they actually post them.

And I've succumbed to the downloadable patterns frenzy...I've purchased many of them over the past few weeks. Wicked, Sizzle, Somewhat Cowl, Something Red, Ribby Cardi...and I'm THRILLED to know that Knit Picks has started making their patterns available for download. So much fun!

Once the baby blanket is finished, I'm seaming the cardigan and finishing Viveka. I really want to be able to wear it this season. After that, I'm thinking Wicked will be next, and probably another Central Park Hoodie - this time in LB Wool Ease. I'm usually not a big fan of acrylic, but it's soft and easy-care, and I'm by no means rich. With surgery coming up the end of March, I've got to be a penny-pinching Scrooge for a while.