Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Round and round we go...

I had written a very long, detailed post a few days ago, but somehow, it got lost...guess I didn't need to be quite so detailed.

The past few weeks have been a pretty bad nightmare. In fact, for about a week, it was a running joke as to what would happen next. Our home was almost foreclosed on, due to the mortgage company lying to me (no, that's not an excuse, it's the truth); I came home to find a burning rubber smell that turned out to be an extension cord that was about to catch fire; DH had an accident at work that could have cost him his job; a local dentist sued me in small claims court, saying I hadn't paid his bill when I had - he had "lost" the checks I'd written - conveniently after I wrote him a truthful but polite letter about how his bedside manner was the worst I'd ever experienced and left me in tears - and I'd refused to write him more checks until the others (postdated) had a chance to clear; almost had a tire blowout; seems like there was something else, but I'm forgetting at the moment. All of these things happened in a matter of days. Fortunately, the house thing is now straightened out (though we were also given notice that our homeowner's insurance company will no longer be a subsidiary of the larger company who has our policy (or something like that), so for the 2nd time in five years, we have to find new homeowner's insurance. This could prove to be a blessing, since we have the chance to lower our house payment, but I'm not holding my breath.

On top of all of this, I wound up in the ER almost three weeks ago with yet another kidney stone. Since it was midnight, I decided to go home and just see if it would pass. A week later, I went to the urologist and had a CT scan done, which showed no stones in the ureter - but there are at least six stones between my two kidneys. I thought the uro would go ahead and do lithotripsy, but no - she said since they were small, they might just stay in the kidney, and if they tried to pass, they would probably go on thru. Nevermind that I'm sitting in her office in pain, that she had to perform litho two years ago, and that one of the stones is WAY too large for me to pass and I told her this.

So now its been almost three weeks since that ER visit, and no stones have passed. I'm still in pain, nauseous, low grade fever, bladder spasms, loss of appetite, just general misery. Missed six days of work with no pay. I called her office at 9 AM yesterday and left a message for the nurse to call me. At 4 PM, I called again, since I needed a med refill YESTERDAY, and FINALLY at 5 PM, she calls.

So now I'm scheduled for an IVP tomorrow (where they inject dye so they can see the stones clearly), which means clear fluids for 18 hours and an oh-so-fun Fleet's enema tonight, followed by an appt with the doc tomorrow afternoon. I am praying she will go ahead and schedule the litho. There's no point in going on like this - I'm sick to death of feeling sick to death.

On the knitting front, I've been on a spending spree. I purchased yarn for DH's sweatshirt (the Kangaroo Duo pattern from Sally Melville's "The Purl Stitch), for Knitty's Satchel, and for Knitty's Starsky patterns. I also bought Knit Picks new Options needle set, and also a set of their KIP bags. I LOVE THEM. BOTH OF THEM.

Also had to purchase some LB Homespun to start on three baby afghans, in addition to three other afghans I need to make for Christmas. Something tells me they won't be finished on time. :-) I'm also knitting the Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene in Caron's Simply Soft Tweed, and it's working out GREAT. I love how soft the yarn is, and the color...I love Simply Soft's colors.
Still working on Knitty's Cozy, too, and I also have LB's hooded sweater pattern on the needles for DH. Once all of these are finished, I'm starting on Lady Eleanor - Noro Silk Garden #234 just arrived today. :-)

And at some point, in the middle of all of this knitting madness, I have to start my first pair of socks in one of the three or four kinds of KP yarns I bought that should arrive tomorrow. DH wants a pair for Christmas.

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