Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Clapotis is FINISHED!!!

This is honestly a pretty stupid post, since I don't have pics to post, but I'm so excited I have to say something - I finished Clapotis on Sunday evening!!! This is my first REAL FO. I've done a scarf and several dishcloths, but nothing else. It turned out really great. If I can get DH to pick up the video camera from his aunt's house this week, I'll be able to post some photos.
Now I'm winding yarn (one of my least favorite activities) for the Knit Picks Candle Flame shawl, more yarn for another Clappy, and I've started Cozy. Had to frog Cozy three times and I'm only on row three of the pattern...I think I really need some sleep...fortunately I'm taking a day off from the paper route I throw on Saturday, so I'll finally get a full night's sleep - first time in eight months.
I'm also committed to FINALLY crocheting a dishcloth sometime this week...there are so many patterns, especially afghans, that I want to make, but other than making a chain and then doing a single crochet in each one, I can't go any further...last time I tried, I kept dropping stitches and winding up with too few on the subsequent rows. I've got the Happy Hooker, and even have a how-to DVD, but I'm so addicted to knitting right now that I don't want to stop long enough to actually learn how to crochet.
Also got a great Ebay deal on three Vogue knitting books - Quick Knits, and both the Vintage and American Collection - so I finished out the group by purchasing the Very Easy Knits book I wanted. I also checked out a great book from the library, Comforts of Home, and when I checked into purchasing a copy, found that the exact same book was published in Britain under a different title, Simple Knits for Easy Living. The UK pub'd book was half the price of the US pub'd version, so I purchased the UK one...and it's true, the patterns are exactly the same!
I'm going to round out my library with books from a book club...I'm a member of My Points, and joining a book club can really rack up the points!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Long Time, No Blogee

I'm exhausted. Not just because I've had what feels like almost no sleep, but because I just looked at Wendy's knitting website, and I can't comprehend how a human can knit that many things, that quickly. I just stared at the screen, open-mouthed, looking at the start and finish dates of some of those shawls...she's finished a few in just a couple of weeks!

At first I comforted myself with the idea that she must stay home full time, and have many hours to knit. But as I read further, I was shocked to find that she has a full time job! And somehow finds the time to blog!


I'm almost halfway thru my first Clapotis. Only got to knit four rows yesterday as it was dh's birthday. I'm itching to knit all weekend (after the obligatory laundry and house cleaning, of course) but won't be able to since the in-laws will be here and dh won't allow me to stay home while he spends time with them. So basically my entire weekend will be shot as far as knitting is concerned, which will make for a very grumpy woman come Monday.

Also a little irritated that my knitting books, ordered two weeks ago, still haven't arrived yet. Thanks, Zooba. Though really I can't complain....I'm getting about $90 worth of books for $30. A few more days shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Due to arrive any day now are:
I also ordered the first copy of Interweave Crochet from Ebay, along with three Vogue knitting books that have been on my wish list for a good long while:

All that's left to purchase is the Very Easy Knits book, and a newer version of the giant knitting tome, and I'm set as far as Vogue books are concerned. Only about 100 more to purchase and I'll have the pattern library I've dreamed of. :-)

Friday, July 07, 2006


Today I'm just so very glad its Friday.

I'm REALLY tired and know that I could solve that with a good night's sleep, but I can't stop knitting long enough to make myself go to bed. I'm truly addicted...or is it obsessed? or both? I'm so glad No-Doz is on the market...I'd be asleep at my desk if I didn't have some.

I also splurged on lunch today and actually ate out (I usually just keep a loaf of bread and package of lunch meat here in our offices and make sandwiches), ordering my all-time favorite food - pizza. I brought it back to the office, ate two pieces, offered some to a coworker and when I went back to the kitchen to return a piece I hadn't eaten to the box, I found that someone had helped themselves to almost half the pizza. People, I work in a MINISTRY. I am NOT happy about that. J (the woman I work with) and I have been discussing what I should do, if anything. Leave a note on the counter that says "hey, if you took my pizza, you owe me $7". Send an email out to the admin assts and ask them to let everyone in their department know we have a food thief on the third floor? Have another coworker who was just diagnosed with strep throat breathe on some cookies that we could leave in the same spot?

OK so the last one wasn't very nice, but I'm a little angry that someone just decided to help themselves. The worst part is that this isn't the first time...another lady here had her lunch taken from the fridge. She handled it by sending an email that asked the perp to please return it to the fridge, no questions asked. I don't know if it was returned or not. I'm seriously considering letting our HR department know...I hope its not a ministry wide thing, but if it is (we have more than one fridge), it needs to be addressed.

I've started yet another project - Knitty's Cozy shawl. I've also frogged it twice, and I'd only knitted the first row. I'm trying to adapt the pattern and add a k3 edge to it so it will lie flat, but when I got to the end of the row, I had two extra stitches. So now I've just cast on, and hopefully sometime this weekend I'll get to do more than one row. It looks like a beautiful shawl and I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm fairly certain I'll be giving it as an early birthday present to the woman I work with...she's forever cold in our offices, whereas I'm forever hot. Doesn't it always work that way?

This weekend I plan to do nothing but straighten up things and knit with a timer. I have got to finish the dishcloths I have on the needles as a housewarming gift - the woman has been in her new house for two weeks now! I also hope to finish the dishcloths I'm knitting for me, so I can knit Clapotis and Cozy with a clear conscience. :-) I hate having all these unfinished objects around, so I think I'm going to knit on one thing for an hour at a time and watch Gilmore Girls all weekend. DH just called to say he's going to have to work most of the weekend so apparently my plan was predestined. :-)