Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Clapotis is FINISHED!!!

This is honestly a pretty stupid post, since I don't have pics to post, but I'm so excited I have to say something - I finished Clapotis on Sunday evening!!! This is my first REAL FO. I've done a scarf and several dishcloths, but nothing else. It turned out really great. If I can get DH to pick up the video camera from his aunt's house this week, I'll be able to post some photos.
Now I'm winding yarn (one of my least favorite activities) for the Knit Picks Candle Flame shawl, more yarn for another Clappy, and I've started Cozy. Had to frog Cozy three times and I'm only on row three of the pattern...I think I really need some sleep...fortunately I'm taking a day off from the paper route I throw on Saturday, so I'll finally get a full night's sleep - first time in eight months.
I'm also committed to FINALLY crocheting a dishcloth sometime this week...there are so many patterns, especially afghans, that I want to make, but other than making a chain and then doing a single crochet in each one, I can't go any further...last time I tried, I kept dropping stitches and winding up with too few on the subsequent rows. I've got the Happy Hooker, and even have a how-to DVD, but I'm so addicted to knitting right now that I don't want to stop long enough to actually learn how to crochet.
Also got a great Ebay deal on three Vogue knitting books - Quick Knits, and both the Vintage and American Collection - so I finished out the group by purchasing the Very Easy Knits book I wanted. I also checked out a great book from the library, Comforts of Home, and when I checked into purchasing a copy, found that the exact same book was published in Britain under a different title, Simple Knits for Easy Living. The UK pub'd book was half the price of the US pub'd version, so I purchased the UK one...and it's true, the patterns are exactly the same!
I'm going to round out my library with books from a book club...I'm a member of My Points, and joining a book club can really rack up the points!

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