Friday, July 14, 2006

Long Time, No Blogee

I'm exhausted. Not just because I've had what feels like almost no sleep, but because I just looked at Wendy's knitting website, and I can't comprehend how a human can knit that many things, that quickly. I just stared at the screen, open-mouthed, looking at the start and finish dates of some of those shawls...she's finished a few in just a couple of weeks!

At first I comforted myself with the idea that she must stay home full time, and have many hours to knit. But as I read further, I was shocked to find that she has a full time job! And somehow finds the time to blog!


I'm almost halfway thru my first Clapotis. Only got to knit four rows yesterday as it was dh's birthday. I'm itching to knit all weekend (after the obligatory laundry and house cleaning, of course) but won't be able to since the in-laws will be here and dh won't allow me to stay home while he spends time with them. So basically my entire weekend will be shot as far as knitting is concerned, which will make for a very grumpy woman come Monday.

Also a little irritated that my knitting books, ordered two weeks ago, still haven't arrived yet. Thanks, Zooba. Though really I can't complain....I'm getting about $90 worth of books for $30. A few more days shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Due to arrive any day now are:
I also ordered the first copy of Interweave Crochet from Ebay, along with three Vogue knitting books that have been on my wish list for a good long while:

All that's left to purchase is the Very Easy Knits book, and a newer version of the giant knitting tome, and I'm set as far as Vogue books are concerned. Only about 100 more to purchase and I'll have the pattern library I've dreamed of. :-)

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