Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to blogging..

I hope to actually start blogging on a regular basis...but I'm not sure I'm going to do it here. I keep seeing all these great blogs designed by Swank Design, so I'm thinking about possibly having them design a blog for me. Of course, I have no readers, but I would like a pretty blog!
Most of the blogs they design use WordPress, so now i"m trying to figure out exactly what I want my blog to be called and an alternate email address, so I can figure out if a Wordpress addy is already taken. And of course a domain with the same name too. And this is HARD, especially for someone with absolutely no creative genes whatsoever!

On the knitting front, I'm in Ravelry, and my name there is knitobsssed. I so love that site, and especially the groups. I could stay there for hours...and sometimes do!

Due to Ravelry, I've been forced to stop casting on for new projects and to finish those I've started. I'm finished with the knitting for DH's Kangaroo Duo sweatshirt, so this weekend I'm planning to wash and block it, then start the seaming process. I've got a nice list going of projects on the needles and in what order I want to finish them, along with another list of what I want to start and in what order.

All this may be thrown by the wayside when my order from Knit2Purl2 arrives. She's going out of business, and I was able to get the yarn to make the Hedgerow coat from the Fall IK for half price! I also grabbed some Lorna's Laces in Black Purl and Baltic Sea, and some Malabrigo for a My So Called Scarf. Unfortunately, I was too late - all the Black Purl was gone. But Jody was nice enough to check stock for the amount I needed in some colorways I gave her, and I would up with enough to make the FiberTrends Bella shawl in Icehouse! Great customer service - I wish she wasn't going out of business.

Add to this a Webs order for yarn to make an Imogen jacket and the Dickinson pullover from the Fall IK, and I've got enough to last the rest of the winter! But I do have a cart open at Knit Picks and will probably place an order there for yarn to make the Minimalist Cardigan (Fall IK), KP's On Deck Pullover, and Serrano, along with a KP Lace 1-2-3 shawl and scarf.

All this yarn will actually be used, since I'll be having surgery for some ongoing health issues mid-September, and will be off work for four weeks. Definitely the most yarn I've ever purchased at one time and it will be some time next year before I buy more, I'm sure...but you can't pass up a good sale, can ya?

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Hi I found you in Ravelry - sounds like you have lots of new projects coming your way.