Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy, happy day

Today was the day - I gave notice on the route this morning!

(Happy dance, happy dance, jumping around and general hysterical happiness abounds)

My new district manager thanked me for giving him notice, and said that a guy was asking about a route yesterday, so he's probably going to be telling me next week not to come back. I won't be heartbroken, that's for sure.

Happy, happy day!

I'm committing to learning how to knit continental while I'm out for surgery next month. I've bought the yarn and have picked out the pattern - the Dolman Updated pattern from Interweave, in Cotton Ease, the charcoal colorway. I am too excited. I really want a sweatshirt type sweater that's as comfortable as a worn-in pair of jeans, and I think this is going to be just perfect. I'm swatching now, in continental style, and it's been.....interesting....I can't get the tension quite right and it sure isn't any faster than English knitting yet, that's for sure. I posted on Ravelry about learning to knit in the continental style, and so many knitters were kind enough to post - how they learned, what vidoes helped them, tips to start, how they hold their yarn, and just encouragement to hang in there until it "clicks."

Have I said how much I love Ravelry? Best knitting site ever, hands down. So very worth the wait if you're still on the waiting list. I can't go a day without should be my home page at this point!


Mad about Craft said...

I will pray for you next month whilst you have surgery and afterwards that you may continue to manage financially

Kate said...

My friend taught me how to knit continental after I initially taught myself English. I think watching the videos helped me, but I don't hold the yarn quite like she does. Actually, what group did you post in on Ravelry? I'll go see what they say. :)