Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life is about to begin again...

Today was the last day of the route! F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I know I said I'd planned to do it thru the end of the month, but I crunched numbers last night and doing it thru the 31st was going to clear me...

...wait for it...


So obviously, what's the point? I called my district manager this morning and told him today was it, and he was not happy. Which I DO get, but at the same time, this is the same guy who has always been "let me know if there's ANYTHING you need, ANYTHING I can do for you..." and now that he's going to have to do it himself or find someone to do it, he's all about what's best for him. You know, he makes more than I do, with both my full time job and the route combined, so I'd say he can just stuff it and deal with it - he's just earning his pay, in my opinion. God knows I've paid my dues.

So tonight is party time! Well, as much of a party as getting to stay up past 10 PM is going to be. I'm too excited about Friday night though - I can stay up all night if I want! Wa hoo!

In knitting news, I received my Webs order yesterday and I'm a little disappointed. The Araucania wool that I thought was a solid chocolate color is actually a variegated brown, taupe, and black. Not sure that's going to work for what I'd planned to use it for - the Dickinson pullover in the Fall IK. I'm swatching this week to see what it actually looks like. But the 2nd part of my order, Araucania wool chunky, was perfect - it's going to become Imogen.

Between these two projects, the one I started this weekend (Dolman pullover) and the other 20 or so projects on various needles throughout the house and in my knitting bag(s), I think I've got plenty to do while I'm off for surgery.

Life is good.

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