Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is it Saturday YET?

I am tired. The kind of tired where you are falling asleep as you leaf thru knitting books. The kind of tired where you fall asleep in 2 seconds flat, have a dream during the 30 seconds or so you are asleep, then wake up talking to your DH as though you were still in the dream and he has no earthly idea what you are talking about. The kind of tired where the alarm goes off and you turn it off, never realizing you did it, and wake up having overslept by 30 minutes.

Did I say I am tired?

I managed to get to not one, but two libraries last night and came home with more books than I'll be able to read, but that's OK. There's always online renewal. :-) I now have a ton of knitting books to drool over and several books by Gladys Taber, who is a favorite author of a writer who's newsletter I just love (Penny Ann Poundwise). I started one of Taber's books but had to return it before I could really get into it, so that's one of the books I came home with yesterday. Plus about 8 more of her books and some others that were recommended by a woman I work with. The author's name is Kristin Hannah, and I checked out Between Sisters, and The Things We Do For Love. I also got some other knit lit - the first book the Yarn Harlot wrote (can't think of the title - I'm tired, remember?), a novel titled Knitting, and a book of short stories that I think was called Knit Lit book 3.

My newest dilemma with my passion for knitting is how to combine both knitting and reading. I subscribe to Audible books, so I get two books per month that I download and either listen to on my MP3 player or burn CD's...but they don't have every book I want to read, and there's something to be said for holding a book in your hand. I'm thinking if I could come up with some sort of stand to put a book on, like the cookbook stands you can buy for your kitchen. I just don't know how I'd keep the book open...maybe rubber bands? It's something I need to think thru...but I need to come up with something soon, 'cause I can't give up knitting and I REALLY want to get into those books...

Hopefully tonight I won't be so exhausted and I can be home by 6 PM, dinner by 7 PM, and knitting for a good three hours before falling into bed. That's the plan, anyway.

Come back tomorrow for what really happens...

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