Friday, June 23, 2006

So Many Projects, So Little Time...

Today was payday, and I think I've gone a little overboard buying yarn this week. Overboard by my standards, anyway. I have this guilt issue every time I spend money on myself, while by DH can spend hundreds of dollars in the blink of an eye and feel no remorse. I guess it comes from having to be so frugal the past few years, but I do wish that I could purchase something and not feel so darn guilty about it!

So far this week I've purchased:
  • Enough Caron Simply Soft to make four of these bedjackets
  • Red Heart yarn to make the knit or crochet version (haven't decided yet) for this afghan
  • Brooks Farm Four Play yarn to make a Clapotis (I bought the Poppies colorway, and must have gotten the last few skeins as they don't list it any longer)
  • And last, enough Knit Picks yarn in the Shimmer, Gossamer, and Memories lines to make four more Clapotis - all but one single strand lace weight, I think I'll make one of them double-stranded. This is my first Clap, so I want to play around and see what works. Here in the South I think the single strand will be just fine, especially since I'm hot natured anyway.

And I'm not finished yet...I'm planning to make a stop at Hancock Fabrics on my way home, or tomorrow, to buy some of this Dynasty yarn, and play around with the Clap pattern. It's cheap and looks like it would work for the pattern. I figure I can give some of these away as gifts.

I also plan to make a stop at my LYS this weekend, first time ever, and look thru their books and clearance yarn. They seem to have great prices on their website, but I've never actually gotten to their shop...DH and I attempted to go two weekends ago but got lost and then didnt' have time to browse before they would have closed.

The rest of the weekend is reserved for laundry, a possible visit to see my mom who lives an hour away, and KNITTING. In copious amounts of time. :-)

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