Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh yeah, about the weekend...

I wonder how long I can claim to be new to blogging and let that be the catch-all excuse for my mistakes...

I did get the Dynasty yarn for the Clap, and was so excited to start it this weekend, but after I sat down with my yarn, needles, row counter, pattern, four different spreadsheets from my Clap KAL yahoo group, "Gilmore Girls" on DVD and a nice glass of sweet iced tea, I figured out that I had no idea how to pfb. Not one clue.

So out came the knitting instruction books.

Not one of them had instructions on how to pfb.

So I got online (wonderful dialup connection) and went to knittinghelp.com. Found the abbreviations page and looked for pfb. There it was...but alas, no video.

So next I tried the Knitty Coffeeshop board, where I found a great post on the Clap pattern and links to posts discussing how to pfb. Most of them suggested looking at knittinghelp.com.

I gave up.

After all, it's not like I was lacking other projects to work on. I currently have the following on my needles:
  • sand stitch dishtowel and dishcloths (housewarming gift, which I've frogged two times each - third times the charm, right?)
  • dishcloth with a house pattern purled into it
  • prayer shawl
  • afghan from "Easy Afghans for Knitters"
  • the same sand stitch dishtowel and dishcloth for me in a different colorway

So what did I do?

Started the bedjacket, of course. :-)

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